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Monday, 12 April 2010

The days are all blurring into one...or seven...

I must say much of the General Election is passing me by. Not through lack of interest but simply through lack of time.

I've put in about 72 hours hard slog since Wednesday afternoon with a nice break to see us knock one past Franchise FC despite their hack it and thwack it routine. Long hours is just one of those things. I can't blame anyone (not even Gordon Brown) but my companies for the hard graft - when you're growing faster than ever despite this recession the media keep telling me we're in you just get on with it. That's what my Dad probably would have called "work ethic" while he had another cuppa before going out in his black cab...

Still, no knocks on the door from the various local representatives and a fortunate lack of publicity material. Lucky that because the wheelie bin was full to overflowing with all the pre-announcement guff.

All I can think is that no-one is that bothered about my vote and that the prize of Norwich South is being regarded as a foregone conclusion by the big three, or is that four?

In a rare spare minute I found time to have a blast at the 'Election for Dummies' iPhone app. According to that phenomenally scientific tool (or maybe just a tool) I'm going to cast my vote in this order - LibDem; Tory; Labour. that's sorted then?!?!!

Tomorrow I hope to find time to bring you an email conversation I had with the Tory candidate which (to me at least) shows exactly how out in the cold he's been left by central office. That and the fact that an actual opinion is about as rare as a policy with some people.

So, sorry, no news, no leaflets, no arm-twisters, no worries.

I should be happy ;~)

Amusing to see Mr Clegg wanting people to opt for a hung parliament on telly though. I don't remember that box on the polling slip?

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