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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day three (nearly didn't make it...)

After a 20 hour working day yesterday and so far a 10 hour stint today it's a wonder I'm still here at all!

Still, day 3 brings my first official election leaflet - from Charles Clarke asking if I want a chat with him. Maybe when I get a minute!

All previous leaflets are accumulated in a small heap ready for recycling - I figure if they arrived before the actual BIG announcement they don't really count. I do find it strange though that the two parties who embody 'green-ness' and 'ecological awareness' are the ones who have filled the green/blue bin. NB even if it's printed on recycled paper with vegetable ink it still takes energy to produce Greens & LibDems!

So with little time to devote to politics today and a very, very tired head I've pretty much lost this 24 hours. Shame really because I haven't sent my email to the local Tory candidate (more on emails and Antony Little nearer Polling Day) asking him to enquire of his leader whether he's planning on taking that Socialist no-brainer 'Paternity Leave' in September. Well he did for the last little Cam so why should this one be any different. I'm sure it'd be useful for Sam having Cuddly Dave around the house?

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  1. Well, I had to return the comment! Thanks for reading.

    Pleased to hear Charles' was the first to reach you this election, it means the team is pulling its weight. I am following your blog and look forward to it with interest!